Have you ever received a Breech or LON? Were you nervous because you didn't know what to do or how to get help? Well, 
you can put your worries aside! If you find yourself in trouble and don't know where to turn after receiving an LON or Breech, simply call the CFL FOA and one of your CFL FOA board members will be able to assist you. If he or she doesn't know the answers, you will immediately be directed to someone who does. This is just one the many benefits of your CFL FOA membership, so please use it whenever needed!

Enjoy the many benefits of the Central Florida Franchise Owners Association of 7-Eleven Franchisees

***Most of all***
 We are a group of individual business owners working together as a solid force 
to improve sales and our future.

How to join or add stores

When creating the case, the Franchisee will provide their store information as well as the following:

Case Title:  Clearly state whether you would like to "join" from a particular FOA.

Case Details: Clearly state that you would like  to “join” the Central FL FOA.

Monthly Dues Amount: $30 for the first store and $10 for each additional store. Provide the dollar amount of monthly dues to be deducted from account 970.

Benefits of Membership

Why should you become a member?
 As a member of the 7-Eleven Central FL Franchise Owners Association you receive numerous benefits, including the opportunity to attend educational and informational events, like the 7-Eleven Trade Show, and networking and fun outings that benefit local charities, such as our annual golf tournament.

National Coalition: Free Membership


-  Board of Directors Meetings

-  General Meetings 

-  Trade Show

-  Annual Golf Tournament

-  Family Picnic 

-  Holiday Party

 We will continue to be involved at all levels of communications with 7-Eleven Inc. We will continue to analyze and monitor programs, policies and important developments within our franchise system. 

The Greatest Benefit:
 In the final analysis, the only justification for creating an association is to be of service to our members. Consequently the greatest benefit may very well be to "be there when you need us".  Feel free to contact the association at centralflfoa@gmail.com.

We help make your franchise run smoothly by:

- Preventing legislation from passing bills that would 
 negatively impact us.

- Communication with 7-Eleven Inc. in a positive manner.

- Supporting Franchisees on day to day issues that need 

- Work directly with vendors to share our needs and the 
 needs of our customers.

- Working on commitee's that give a Franchisees point of 

- Working with our local Charitable Organizations to give 
 back to the community.

- Communicating to and from National on directions and 
 decisions that impact all Franchisees.

- Provide events that spotlight our vendors and 
 Franchisees for the benefit of all.

- Providing a newsletter that supports our vendors and 
 provides a tool for open communication.

- Welcoming new Franchisees as part of our community 
 and helping them with issues.